Why choose us?

Whether for small or large projects, the Drumco team ensures turnkey service where quality and safety are at the forefront of the work completed.

Our commitment as a general contractor rests on the quality services we have developed over the years, our devoted and passionate team, as well as our pride in building projects that meet the highest standards of our clients.

Drumco, a trusted partner at the service of its clients, satisfaction guaranteed!

A skilled and devoted team

The team is the strength of Drumco! Our experts in their respective fields leverage their skills and know-how to complete innovative projects.

Our team is supported by experienced managers who are dedicated to completing work effectively with quality and safety at the forefront.

Directors team

Yves Hamel, vice-president and general manager Drumco / vice-president Drumco Énergie

François Côté, vice-president Drumco / president Drumco Énergie

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